Source code for the VAMS-0808 serial interface

As promised, here’s the source code for my VAMS-0808 interface. It’s in C#, with C# projects included, and can be opened in Visual C# Express or full Visual Studio 2005 or greater. There are two test projects included – one which just writes status changes out to the console, and a WinForms project (which runs in mono) for full interaction.

2 thoughts on “Source code for the VAMS-0808 serial interface”

  1. Found your blog last night and spent far, far too much of the time when I should have been asleep reading it. Fascinating stuff – please do keep the updates coming along.


  2. hello~ i’m a korean engineer. as web surfing concerning about a/v matrix control software,i found your blog. i was so impressived with your well-done articles. the c# s/w code makes me understand how to control the matrix switcher. i will remeber your helpful passion for ever. thanks to you,i had a confidence of this part. very happy to know your blog. i hope you happy al the time. thanks you for your reading my poor english comments.

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