Sponsorship update

There’s just over a week to go before my planned sky dive in aid of Alzheimer’s Society. So far sponsorships are at a pretty impressive 200, thanks in part to some very generous individuals. The target I set is just 50 away, so if you haven’t done so already please, please sponsor me for whatever you can afford through Just Giving! I’m paying for the full cost of the jump, so every penny donated goes to the charity (plus a bit more if you opt to give Gift Aid).

2 thoughts on “Sponsorship update”

  1. Just wanted to say how very impressed I am with your scheduled jump.
    My blog started because of Alzheimer’s Disease as both my mom (deceased) and dad have it. Many posts are centered around dealing with this insidious disease.
    I am currently penniless but will try to find a way to contribute.
    I may at least do a post to get a few folks over here.
    If that’s okay, let me know.
    Not sure how Alzheimer’s has affected you but should you ever need an outlet, you have my email.
    The best of luck on the jump.
    Sorry to be so longwinded.


  2. Thank you very much for your sponsorship. My grandmother is currently suffering from the disease, and it’s been very distressing to see the personality we love slowly evaporating. She’s still her cheery and highly polite self though, and it is always a pleasure to visit her.

    Even though I’m witnessing the effects on my grandmother, I can’t imagine what it must be like to have both parents suffer with it. I feel for you.

    My grandmother is fortunate in that my grandfather can afford to give her good care. I’m raising money for those who aren’t so fortunate, and to fund research to hopefuly prevent future generations from having to go through the same thing.

    Thanks for your support.

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