KillerLight theme released

KillerLight screenshot

My first WordPress theme, KillerLight, has been released on The theme is a slightly altered version of the one used on here.

Like this site, it has a javascript-based animated header which fades slowly for a lovely faux-lighting effect. All current WordPress features are supported, including widgets and gravatars.

One important thing to note about the theme is that IE 6 is not supported – it’s just not worth the effort. Instead, a message is displayed to users of IE < 7 informing them that they should either upgrade or get a different browser.

59 thoughts on “KillerLight theme released”

  1. Hi Simon! I love your theme and am now using it on my website. The animation is very subtle and elegant which is perfect for me.

    Like others though, the theme will shut off the animation occasionally, even though my computer is more than capable of handling high-level graphics. 🙂 Hopefully we will be able to manually adjust this threshold in future updates since it is a lovely theme.

    At any rate, animated or not, I love it and am enjoying it.


  2. Thanks Diranda, glad you like it 🙂

    Hopefully sometime this year there will be an HTML5 version, which will use the canvas element to make things a lot smoother and less intensive. This should mean it will work for most people.

  3. Duplicate home page when using a static home page..
    I use a page, At Home as my homepage, but in the top bar i get a duplicate. One is plain old Home and the other FCF At Home.. How can I get rid of the “Home” link? It’s as if the entire top of the site is littered with Home page links.
    I love the theme, but that one is a bugger..


  4. Hello

    a really good theme – I love it! But I have the following problems:
    1. Tables although links can be placed right, but in the middle is not;
    2. when I insert in an image caption with link, then the “caption” is not running. I have installed the plugin “Caption in Link”. It worked in my old theme. Could be that on your topics or do you have a tip what I must do.

    Greetings from here

  5. Hi Klaus,

    There are a number of issues with this theme, and I don’t really support it any more. I have started work on a new version of the theme, but unfortunately I never seem to find the time to finish it.

    Until I do manage to get the new theme done, I suggest using one of the many other beautiful themes available through

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