Project Names

I have currently have a two different naming schemes in use, to identify my various computers and networks. My home network is called ‘elemental’, and each node attached to the network that has an IP has a name taken from the periodic table of elements. The computer I’m typing this on at the moment is called ‘aluminium’ … because it’s got an alumimium case. My external severs are under the ‘sol’ network, which currently only has one node called ‘earth’.

Now I’ve had the idea of naming my various projects. I just need to come up with a naming scheme. Maybe subatomic particles? There are enough of those to keep me going for a while, especially once CERN get the LHC (what a lovely retro site) experiment running. Let’s try that:

  • Project Electron – The rack cabinet (contains most of the other projects)
  • Project Gluon – Cat5 wiring (holds stuff together, in a network sense)
  • Project Quark – Audio distribution system (Quark in DS9 is a Ferrenghi … has big ears … can hear well …)
  • Project Proton – Security & surveilance (can’t think of an excuse)
  • Project Neutron – MythTV install

Of course, unless I’m going to name things after various versions of some of the particles (up quark, down quark etc.), it is actually quite limited for the time being. And not being a physicist (beyond A-level) doesnt help.

I can’t think of any other schemes at the moment.

Hmm, this has turned into quite a monologue. I think I’ll shelve the idea for the time being, unless someone can come up with better suggestions.

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