Introducing Idea Cog and Foresight

As many people will know, I’ve been working on a software project for several years now. A lot of work has gone into producing what I’ve just launched as Foresight, and I’ve set up Idea Cog as the company that owns it.

Foresight is a client-server based solution for agencies and any other businesses that have very variable needs for their individual projects. It provides tools for project management, document versioning, live recorded discussions and most importantly of all – advanced adaptive scheduling!

There are so many features in fact that it’s going to take me a while to document them all fully. At the moment, there’s an initial feature list as well as a ‘Quick Start’ video showing how to install and configure Foresight.

If you want to start using Foresight, you can get your hands on a free 5 resource license which you can use with the freely available downloads. Once you’ve fallen in love with my first commercial offering, you can purchase more licenses as you need.

So, please give it a whirl and leave your feedback below.

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