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  1. I am currently building a website using your KillerLight template. I have a couple of subpages for one of my main pages, which the Dashboard lets me assign a parent, but no submenu is created. Am I missing something, or is there another line of code I need somewhere for submenus to automatically be created?

    Michael R. Martin

  2. Unfortunately the old version of the theme only supported a single level of sub-pages. The new version supports child pages, but I’ve not gotten around to get it in an approvable state that WordPress will accept just yet. Sorry.

  3. I have looked at the KillerLight 2, but there is no similarity – to me at least, being new to WordPress – to the style sheet or php sheets from KillerLight1 that I could see to cut and paste. I actually prefer the look of the original, but I NEED submenus. Is there anything I can add to it that would make it work?

  4. It would probably be quite a bit of work to get submenus appearing. The first task would be locate and change the code that spits out the top navigation so that it also includes child pages, and then the next thing to do would be to style the child pages to appear in a dropdown that is in keeping with the existing style. Sadly I don’t have time at the moment to dig out the version 1 code and make the changes for you. KillerLight 2 is built on a completely different version of WordPress and is based on a framework, meaning that it is very unlikely to work if copying code from one to the other.

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