MacWorld excitement

I’m normally only mildly interested in what comes out of MacWorld, but this time around I’m pretty gripped. I’m now running out of reasons NOT to buy an iPod Touch, thanks to the missing apps from the iPhone now being available through a software update for the iPod Touch. The only reason I have left is that I only bought my first and only iPod about 5 months ago.

The other thing I’m waiting for is an announcement of the release of the SDK for the iPod Touch. This will allow me to develop the iPod Touch remote control as a native application. I’m not sure of the release date of this yet, and I’ve not seen it mentioned in any articles about MacWorld so far. Here’s hoping for it to come soon!

2 thoughts on “MacWorld excitement”

  1. That’s another possibility, yes. The remote (for my purposes anyway) would probably be implemented for a specific device, but to make the remote software into a product then wider device support would be desired.

    I have other ideas for use of the SDK too, some of them I’ve put forward at work for one of our clients – the boss seemed pretty impressed.

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