Last of the amplifiers

There are 4 audio zones in the house, each requiring it’s own amplifier and pair of speakers. I’ve just purchased the last of the amplifiers, which completes the selection of hardware that’s necessary within the cabinet. I took the opportunity to rearrange the order of things in the rack a little to tidy things up.

3 thoughts on “Last of the amplifiers”

  1. why on earth did you buy skytec amps? they are the worst amps on the market? like seriously, I don’t have much money my self so I cant buy stuff like JBL either, but skytec ? seriously? why not Behringer, very cheap, but very good.

  2. At the time, they were the cheapest rack-mountable amps I could get my hands on. As long as they worked, I wasn’t bothered. Audio quality wasn’t going to be perfect anyway, given the long runs of analogue line-level signal.

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